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Hmad is a Berber from the Village of El Borj in the Middle Atlas Mountains.

He was one of only 2 members of his large family who was sent to school. He did well and through obtaining Bursaries from the Government (which are rare) was able to gain a good education. He had to move away from his family so that he could obtain this education. He took a Science Mathematics degree in Marrakesh University but he could not obtain a job so he along with his family sacrificed a lot to send him to the Former Soviet Union (Kharkov Ukraine) to obtain a second degree. Here he studied Russian for 1 year then took a Degree in Electro-mechanical Engineering.

It was while Hmad was here that he met Hannah who was Living in Kharkov working for a Humanitarian organisation.They actually met on a train travelling from Kharkov to Kiev. Hannah was born in Scotland her dad was from Aberdeen and mum from Glasgow. She has lived in England for many years before going abroad to help others. When they completed their time in Ukraine and after they had been married for 1 year they came to the UK and within a week both had obtained jobs.They began building their life together but never forgot the struggle for an education that Hmad had endured.

Hannah now knowing what this struggle was like for Hmad they both wanted to try and make things easier for Children in his village to receive an education and so the Charity Hannan was born.

You can read more about what we have achieved and what our vision for the future is by exploring this website – We hope you enjoy reading more and that you may feel you are able to help in even a small way to make the Children and families in El Borj have hope for a better future.

Hmad and Hannah Naatit


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