Feeding the children a snack

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Some children are bringing a snack (usually bread) to the school for break time but not all children do and this is causing problems. Some parents don’t want to send their children because they cannot afford to send them to school with even a piece of bread. When

Itahisa was with us she had an idea to buy a small Moroccan style oven and to get the teachers and children to make their own snacks such as simple pancake or biscuit which they could make which would also teach them how to make these snacks.  We have purchased an oven and want to appeal for people who may not be able to sponsor a child each month because they cannot afford £10, but who may be able to afford £3.00 per month. If we can get up to 6 people or £18 per month to be able to purchase ingredients to make the snacks and buy milk for each child then at break time every child will have the same snack, they will have made their own with the help of the teachers which is part of their education and this will help nutritionally and satisfy their hunger and the parents are then not embarrassed to send their children to school. If you or anyone you know would be able to pledge just £3.00 per month to enable each child to have this snack then please download the standing order from our website or contact us and we will send you one.

Here is our new oven waiting to help prepare snacks for the children


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