Can you help us build our School and Accommodation?

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We have started to build the wall around the land but we have run out of money and we would love to build our first actual classroom so that the first intake of children coming from our pre-school can begin their education and don’t need to either travel after age 12 or for many  just stop going to school. We also realise we need some less basic accommodation for when our teams visit. Do you work for or know of any organisations that would donate large amounts to our building projects.

If you do then we would love to hear from you. If you would like to donate then please let us know Thank you


  1. Matilda says:

    I understand you may only need money, however I am a recently graduated Architect and my partner is a carpenter and we are travelling to Morroco around the time of March 2016. We want to raise money before our travels and contribute to a community in Morroco. Obviously our expertise are within the area of building, so we hope to contribute within this field. Would this be something we can work with together?


    • Hannah says:

      Matilda so sorry for the delayed reply there was a problem with the PC after the windows 10 upgrade.
      Thank you for your offer of help. We already have the plans for the main school drawn via the technical department of the local government and approved but we are now thinking (if we can raise the funds to build an accomodation block for visiting teams/people. so this may be something you could help with. Do you know where in Morocco you are planning to be as some times people plan to be in a certain area not realising that El Borj is very far from where they are planning to visit.
      Please do get in touch again if you want more information
      Thanks once again

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