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20150530_14095220150530_17393420150530_14091720150530_080234We had a great day TREKKING to the source of the River Oum R’abia in the stunning and beautiful Atlas Mountains. Itahisa and her 3 children plus a few from our family and Hmad and I had a great time. We had some thunder storms the day before the trek and the day after but the day of the TREK was a beautiful sunny and warm day without a cloud in the sky. We set off early and started our walk 7k from a beautiful lake “Agelmam” On the way we were treated to some Monkey antics in the trees nearby which thrilled the children and us adults alike. We had breakfast in a Berber tent at the lake then refreshed we started on the main walk to the source of the Oum R’abia. It is a Loooong way but we are always taken in so much by the beauty of our surroundings and we get to know one another better while we chat. The Mini bus goes on and waits for us so we can get fresh water or if someone needs a rest or shade then they can go in the bus. Only Jenna who is only small went in out of the hot sun occasionally and I (Hannah) did for a short while when I had trouble breathing on a particularly steep part of the walk. However I managed to walk the longest ever around 25k normally I only manage around 18K because I have a slightly bad hip. We arrived at the Source where there are 40 springs of gushing water and sat in one of the booths to rest our weary feet and legs and ate tajine and drank tea till we recovered enough to walk to the bus and be driven home for a well earned shower and bed. Itahisa and her family raised over £1300 so a HUGE thank you to them. I know it was not an easy trip and the accommodation was a bit basic for them but they were fantastic.
They also worked tirelessly bringing teaching to the teachers, working with the children and painting amazing colourful things on the walls of the pre-school. Here are some photos of the TREK

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