Football Pitch

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We had a suggestion from a supporter to try and provide a football pitch in the village for the young people to have a proper place to play. We took this to the trustees in El Borj and they thought it was a great idea and would benefit the young people enormously. We would like to include this in the vision for the school. We will get some costs and plans for this but if anyone would like to give for this particular project then we will designate any money for this making sure it goes towards providing this for the children and young people. You can give via Virgin Money giving via this website or cheques made payable to “Hannan”.


  1. Oscar Amenós says:

    Without doubt, football is an activity of interest to children in the world today; helps them develop physically and socially with transcultural integration possibilities, and where discipline and effort is applied. What good would come to them with this !! We need the field, teachers and visiting groups to compete.

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