Our trip Easter 2019

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Hmad and I along with 4 others travelled to Rabat on  13th April. Our 4  ladies Keira who had been on our epic visit and trek in October last year,  along with her friend Alix, who came all the way from New Zealand along with Ruth and Jamilla from Milton Keynes. We spent an amazing week in the village of Assaka once again. We worked with the children playing and singing with the small children and playing skipping, ball games and games with the older children. We also spent time training the teachers re-enforcing training from past visits. We receive a very warm welcome from the people of Assaka they have opened their hearts to us as we have to them they are warm and open people and we look forward to working together with them in the future.

Enjoying games and songs
More songs
Naima one of our new teachers with a new pupil
This is how much fun we have
This is part of teacher training look at their faces learning to tell a story

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