Yukiko enjoyed the TREK last year so much she is returning at Easter

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Yukiko who was with us last year on the Trek and worked with us in the pre-school has contacted us and has decided to return during the UK Easter break and work at the Pre-school . She is a Play leader and she is going to be amazingly helpful in training the teachers as well as working with the children. The teachers require on going training and Yukiko will do a fantastic job and will make the standard of Education in our pre-school better than ever. This together with the volunteers such as Itahisa and others going in May will mean we have an amazing input once again.
We saw her work with the children last year and she is a natural and had the children engaged even without language drawing “hello Kitty” for the children and they loved it.
We are so pleased she has decided to return and bring along her partner Dario who will do some DIY and repairs and help in any way he can.
They are so excited and are planning so many things we are so blessed that these people come and help we could not achieve all we do without these fantastic volunteers.

Here is Yukiko and DarioYukiko & Dario


  1. Oscar says:

    Hi Dario and Yukiko,

    It is so nice to hear about your vocation for helping children in El Borj.
    Dario, could you inform me about if you could play football with children there? Have you detected anything about that?
    I hope to meet both soon to share more from your experiences.

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