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Hannan –  Compassion, Care and Supporting Life through Education, Healthcare & Small Business


Established in June 2002 Hannan School formerly Faith School El Borj, was set up through a vision by Hmad & Hannah Naatit to bring Education and Hope to the Berber Village of El Borj in the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Berber people are warm, generous, hard working people but are very poor. Most cannot read or write and we want to change that. We currently have a Sponsorship Scheme and at the moment there are 68 Children all attending the Government School. We have bought a piece of land (1,000 sq metres) and are raising the funds to build our own purpose built school where the children will have lots of space, modern equipment including Computers and a pleasant learning environment.

We also want to eliminate poverty by providing funds to start small businesses and providing medical aid and health education.



  • 70 Children Sponsored through school
  • Land purchased to build modern spacious school
  • Medicines given for Conjunctivitis, Trachoma, Eczema, Anaemia
  • Operations on 2 Children
  • Food provided to the poorest families
  • Chickens purchased for most families
  • Goat & kid given to family to provide income
  • Clothes, pencil cases, shoes etc given to help the families




We are registered in the UK and Morocco (We actually have 9 trustees now in Morocco!!)

Please come with us on a tour of El Borj and the work being done there in Hannan School.